Ways You Can Save by Using Solar Energy

Ways You Can Save by Using Solar Energy

18 Jan 2017

Solar energy

Guaranteeing indoor comfort often comes with high energy bills, but you can save money in your Corpus Christi, Texas, home and also helping the environment by using solar energy. Purchase and installation costs make solar power more expensive at first, but the energy savings you’ll get in the long run make it a great investment. You won’t have to worry about power outages, and maintenance is easy. You can take advantage of solar energy for lighting, powering equipment, and solar water heating.

Natural Light

Skylights can lower your utility bills by providing light and heat from the sun during winter. You can even make simple choices such as opening your curtains when it’s sunny to make your home warmer and to add more light. Just remember to close your curtains again at night for extra insulation. Built-in solar panels allow you to take advantage of solar energy to a greater extent.

Solar Panels

With enough solar panels, you can generate almost all the energy for your home. You can install solar panels in your yard or on your roof. These panels reduce energy costs even on cloudy days, and some solar panels can automatically shift to catch more sun throughout the day. Tax credits can help to reduce the initial cost of a solar system.

Solar Water Heaters

Tax credits are available for solar water heaters as well. You can choose a model that circulates water through solar collectors, where the sun heats it directly. Some models use refrigerant to transfer heat from solar panels to stored water. Active solar water heaters use a pump to move water, while passive models use gravity. You might need a conventional or tankless water heater as a backup when guests visit.

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