4 Types of Solar Water Heaters

4 Types of Solar Water Heaters

24 May 2018

A solar water heater can offer a cost-efficient way to use solar energy to provide hot water to your home. Solar water heating systems rely on solar collectors and storage tanks for their operation. Discover four different types of solar water heaters that you may want to consider for your home in Rockport, Texas.

Active Solar Water Heating Systems

The "active" in active solar water heating systems refers to the work of pumps aiding the circulation of water through them.

Direct Circulation Systems

In areas such as Texas, where the climate is relatively mild, direct solar water heating systems are attractive options. Pumps in these systems circulate water through solar collectors and into the home. As a result, you’ll save energy and money.

Indirect Circulation Systems

These types of systems are common in climates that experience freezing winter weather. Indirect systems use pumps to circulate a heat-transfer liquid through the collectors and a heat-exchanging unit. The exchanger heats the water before it enters the home.

Passive Solar Water Heating Systems

Passive solar water heating systems don’t rely on mechanical pumps to move water through them.

Integral Collector-Storage Passive Systems

Integral collector-storage passive systems function by transferring cold water through solar collectors. The collectors preheat the water; the water then enters a conventional water heater for storage. Integral collector-storage systems work best in climates such as Texas that don’t typically witness freezing temperatures Therefore, you should consider this type for your home.

Thermosiphon Systems

These systems work on the principle of warm water rising and cool water sinking. As the sun’s rays come into contact with the solar collectors, water inside the collector tubes heats and expands slightly. The warm water becomes lighter than the cold water in a storage tank installed above the solar collectors.

Gravity pulls the colder water from the tank and into a collecting area. The cold water moves the heated water through the collecting area and into the top of the storage tank where the water gets heated.

If you’re considering a solar water heater for your home, contact the professionals at Bodine-Scott. We’re here to help you decide the correct solar water heater for your home. Call us today at 888-481-8511 to learn more about solar water heaters.

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