Spring is in the air, and temperatures are on the rise. Most of us in the Corpus Christi area are making sure that our air conditioners are primed for our long cooling season. If you experienced a few breakdowns last year, you might be thinking that now’s the time for an air conditioner replacement. This is a big investment, and you want to make sure that what you buy serves you well for many years. That’s why you should proceed with care, making sure you don’t save money upfront only to wind up paying down the line. 

Split air-conditioning systems have two parts, an inside unit and an outside unit. They work in tandem, but sometimes one unit breaks down while the other unit seems to be trouble-free. Some homeowners think they just replace the unit that’s having the problems. This, however, is inadvisable. The two components of your air conditioner are designed to work together. Replacing just one side can result in disappointing performance and ultimate breakdown of the entire system.

Air conditioners don’t actually cool down the air in your home. They just remove the heat and require a precise level of refrigerant to do this properly. Newer air conditioners are equipped with a non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant that is incompatible with the R-22 refrigerant used in older air-conditioning systems.

Work with your air-conditioning expert to ensure that you have a properly matched system that will take care of your cooling needs well into the future. This is one place where you shouldn’t skimp. And once your air conditioner replacement is installed, make sure it’s properly maintained. That includes getting a tune-up at the start of every cooling season. 

For more expert advice on air conditioning systems and other issues related to home comfort, don’t hesitate to contact Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning. We have been serving the the Corpus Christi area since 1961. 

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