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Showering in hot water after a long day at work in Kingsville, Texas, feels good when the water heater is working properly. But what if it isn’t? Watch for these signs to know whether it’s time to invest in a new water heater.

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Keeping your Corpus Christi, Texas, home free of allergens and irritants is challenging. One way you can keep your home healthier is by having an ultraviolet light installed in your HVAC system.

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Even if the weather hasn’t started to change, it’s never too early to start preparing your Corpus Christi, Texas, home for winter. It’s better to start these easy chores when the weather is still nice outside before the cold weather strikes.

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Most people don’t realize how easy it is to improve plumbing efficiency in their Corpus-Christi, Texas, home. With small improvements and other investments, you can make your home greener and save money on your monthly water bills every month.

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Your indoor environment is clean, your HVAC system is routinely maintained, and you use a good air filter. So, why are your allergies still acting up when you’re inside? Your Mathis, Texas, home may still have allergens floating around thanks to your houseplants. If you have a pollen allergy, take a hard look at the greenery you choose to keep indoors.

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Did you know that proper landscaping around your Rockport, Texas, home could save you hundreds in energy costs? It’s true! The following tips will help you learn how.

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When the HVAC system in your Alice, Texas, home runs, it pulls air from the rooms and moves it into the heating or cooling chamberr. Then it pushes the air back through the vents. As the air moves through the system, it often contains dirt, dust, and other contaminants that get trapped in the ducts. A buildup of debris within the ducts can decrease efficiency, leading to energy waste and higher bills, along with poor indoor air quality.

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In Gregory, Texas, the weather is hot during much of the year. Without a working air conditioner, it’s hard to stay cool when the temperature rises into the 90s and above. A central air conditioner can also help maintain a comfortable moisture level on humid days. If you notice any signs of HVAC trouble, call an expert to take a closer look before you’re stuck without a working AC.

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You can save water and lower your utility bills with newer, more efficient plumbing fixtures. Upgrades can also increase the value of your Kingsville, Texas, home and prevent inconvenient, expensive leaks and breakdowns. Some of the most popular, efficient plumbing fixtures are low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads, and waterless urinals.

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Many people are allergic to pet dander; the bits of skin that cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other animals lose. The most common symptoms are sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, and trouble breathing. Even if you don’t have pets, you could have symptoms from pet dander that clings to clothing, furniture, and carpeting, and pet owners’ clothes. You can reduce pet dander in your Corpus Christi, Texas, home by cleaning often, keeping allergens away, and maintaining your HVAC system.

Cleaning Often

Cleaning your home often will keep allergens from accumulating. Vacuum your floors every day, dust with a damp cloth twice per week, and steam clean your carpets every few months. Use a dust mask when you clean to protect yourself from pet dander and other allergens, and remember to clean your HVAC system’s air registers. You should also bathe your dog or cat every three weeks and take it outside for brushing. In between baths, you can use a pet wipe to remove any dander or allergens stuck to the fur. Use a professional groomer to save time and bathe your pet without making your allergies worse.

Keeping Allergens Away

Keep pets out of your bedroom, and wash your hands after you touch your pet. You should also wash pet blankets and toys often. When guests come over, ask them to remove their shoes before they come inside to reduce bringing in outdoor allergens. A whole-house ventilation system, also called a heat recovery or energy recovery ventilator, connects to your HVAC system and removes stale indoor air with lots of allergens. It brings filtered outside air into your home instead. It also transfers heat like a heat pump to conserve energy. You can also use an air purifier to remove allergens.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

You should change your HVAC system’s air filters at least once per month to remove as much pet dander as possible. A dirty air filter could spread allergens and other pollutants around your home. You should also have your system checked by a professional at least once per year.

Bodine-Scott can help you install, maintain, and repair a variety of HVAC equipment to prevent allergies. Call us anytime at 888-481-8511 for great service.

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