If you live in an old house, staying warm without wasting energy and paying a hefty utility bill can be difficult. You might also deal with poor indoor air quality, strange smells or annoying noises. Some of the most common heating problems in older homes are drafts, leaky ductwork and dry air. Fortunately, a professional can repair these issues, help you save energy and make your Corpus Christi, Texas, home more comfortable.


If your heating system is working but some rooms in your home are still chilly most of the time, the heat is probably escaping through drafts. Check your insulation and add more if you see gaps or thin spots. You should start with your attic, since hot air rises. Many contractors can install foam or fiberglass insulation.

Search your home for drafts by shutting off your HVAC system. Then, use a candle or a piece of string to search for the sources of the draft around windows and doors. When the candle flickers or the string moves, there’s likely a draft nearby.

Leaky Ductwork

Decades of wear can create leaks and gaps in your ductwork, reducing your indoor air quality, and wasting energy. Have your ducts cleaned and sealed to save energy and make your home more comfortable.

However, some leaks or gaps in your ductwork might be difficult for a service technician to access and repair. You may need to replace a section of your ductwork or switch to a more efficient ductless HVAC system.

Dry Air

Many older gas furnaces, fireplaces, and wood stoves dry out the air in your home, leading to static electricity, dry skin, irritated eyes, and even cracks in wood floors and furniture. Use a humidifier to keep your family comfortable and prevent damage to your flooring and furniture.

Bodine-Scott is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 55 years of heating and cooling experience. We can help you install, repair, and maintain a variety of HVAC equipment. Call us anytime at (888) 481-8511 for excellent service from one of our expert service technicians.

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