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Indoor air quality is a growing concern among homeowners throughout Corpus Christi, Texas. You may not realize you have poor indoor air quality. Some the most common warning signs include symptoms like congestion, sore throat and eye irritation. Follow a few simple tips to improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

Your HVAC system uses a series of metal ducts to move air to each of the rooms in your home. That air often contains a number of contaminants, including pollen, pet hair, dander, dust and other debris. Over time, the particles may collect in the ducts. As a result, those contaminants can recirculate when your system runs.

Poor indoor air quality is often the result of this problem, which can make you feel like you’re coming down with a cold. Regular duct cleaning by an HVAC professional can improve the quality of your air and allow the system to operate more efficiently.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can also make a big difference in your home. Tabletop air purifiers can remove contaminants from a single room. Whole-home purifiers work with your HVAC system to clean the air. When you’re comparing options, look at the filtration rate of the purifier you’re considering. Some contain tighter filters that can remove smaller particles for cleaner, healthier air.

Add More Filtering Plants

Certain indoor plants can purify your air naturally while adding some greenery to your living space. Some of the top options include:

  • Bamboo palms
  • English ivy
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Pot mums
  • Peace lilies
  • Chinese evergreens

By adding one of these plants to a single room, you can reduce the number of contaminants in the air. As a result, you’ll enjoy a healthier atmosphere.

If you’re struggling to improve the quality of the air you breathe within your home, let Bodine-Scott help. Contact us at 888-481-8511 to find out more about our solutions that can help you improve your indoor air quality.

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Does your home in Beeville, Texas, need a new heating system? If so, it’s important to consider the different systems available. Today, there are more options than ever before. For many homeowners and their needs, a heat pump has proven itself to be the best heating system option. Keep reading for five things you need to know about heat pumps.

Go Ductless With a Heat Pump

Ductless heat pump systems are especially ideal for new home construction. But you can still go ductless even if your existing home already has ductwork. Ductless heat pump systems tend to be more efficient than other conventional heating systems. You can also upgrade them with built-in air purification systems and programmable thermostats. Therefore, you can optimize them for supreme efficiency.

Enjoy Greater Heating Efficiency

Heat pumps provide greater efficiency compared with heating systems that produce heat through combustion. Over the life of a heat pump, you can save thousands of dollars on heating expenses. You’ll also avoid the health and safety issues combustion-based systems can cause.

Heat Pumps Have a Long Lifespan

The average heat pump will last 15 years, with some lasting up to 50 years. Your unit will last a long time if you schedule routine preventive maintenance. By doing so, you’ll also lower energy costs even more and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Heat Pumps Can Also Cool

In addition to providing heat, a heat pump can also cool your home. Whether you have an air-to-air, water source, or geothermal heat pump, it can also work as an air conditioner. During the warmer months, all you’ll have to do is switch the unit to cooling mode.

Don’t Forget the Financial Incentives

You may qualify for installation cost assistance when you switch to a heat pump. Such assistance is available through the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive and the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. A heat pump installation specialist can help determine if you qualify.

Bodine-Scott specializes in a variety of heating and cooling services. Contact us today at 888-481-8511 to learn more about the advantages of using a heat pump.

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Is your old furnace going bad? Or maybe you’re building a new home and you need to install a new heating system. Whatever your reason for shopping for a new furnace, it’s important to research your options. For many homeowners, the choice comes down to a gas or an oil heater. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of each and how to pick the best one for your Three Rivers, Texas, home.

Oil Heater

An oil heater tends to be more powerful than a gas heater, providing more heat per BTU. Its ability to provide more heat, however, results in a higher price tag when it comes to heating expenses. Price fluctuations for oil mean you’ll never know what price you’ll have to pay.

You don’t need a direct connection to an oil line to use an oil heater. But you’ll need a storage tank on your property. You’ll also want to remember that oil furnaces generally require more maintenance than gas heaters.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters often come with a higher upfront installation cost than oil heaters. However, gas heat is more affordable and has more stable pricing. Therefore, choosing a gas heater can save you over the long term. Gas heaters also require less maintenance than oil heaters, but you’ll need a direct connection to a gas line to get started. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, gas heat may not be unavailable.

Choosing Between Gas and Oil Heat

No matter the furnace type you choose, it’s important to schedule preventive maintenance. Doing so will help improve heating efficiency and prevent costly breakdowns. An HVAC contractor can assess your home and needs to determine whether a gas or oil furnace is the best option.

Bodine-Scott specializes in a variety of furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services. Call us at 888-481-8511 today to learn more about gas and oil heaters.

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Are you building a new home in Three Rivers, Texas, and looking at heating options? Or maybe you need to replace existing furnace. In either case, you need to know about today’s modern furnaces and which option will best meet your needs and keep your family warm this winter. Keep reading to learn about three types of furnaces you can choose from to heat your home.

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You already know the heating system in your Beeville, Texas, home needs annual maintenance. Ideally, a professional will service your heating system at least twice a year to ensure it maximizes efficiency. During these regular maintenance sessions, a professional HVAC contractor can also assess whether you need to clean your furnace.

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Preparing your Alice, Texas, home for any season is important. But winter brings some potential hazards that aren’t present during other times of the year. To keep your home and family safe during the coldest months, follow these three home safety precautions:

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Can you think of a worse time for your HVAC system to stop working than during the holiday season? Three Rivers, Texas, has relatively mild winters compared to other parts of the country. But you never know when a cold snap will hit. Whether your plans include throwing festive parties, hosting out-of-town relatives, or relaxing at home, a functioning HVAC system is vital. Follow these four steps to avoid an HVAC breakdown this holiday season:

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Even in warm Corpus Christi, Texas, many days in winter will feel chilly. You can stay comfortable by maintaining your heater before you have to start using it regularly. That way, you can find any problems and have them fixed before they start wasting energy or impacting your comfort. You should change your air filter regularly, maintain your outdoor unit, and have your HVAC system checked by an expert.

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You can reduce your home’s utility bills and help the environment by saving water. Using less water can extend your septic system’s life or help keep your local sewer rates low. You can also save electricity or gas by lowering your hot water use. Conserve water in Alice, Texas, by using efficient fixtures, upgrading your appliances, and repairing leaks.

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Bodine-Scott is a Carrier Energy Expert. That means we can perform a Carrier 360 home evaluation to find and repair problems that can raise your utility bills. Our experts will inspect, test and improve many parts of your Corpus Christi, Texas, home for optimal energy efficiency.

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