Is Solar Energy Worth the Cost?

Is Solar Energy Worth the Cost?

16 Feb 2018

For many people, owning a solar panel system seems like a fantasy, because the installation costs are intimidating. Despite that costly concern, though, the solar industry has experienced an average annual growth rate of 68 percent in the last decade. Thanks to financial incentives and government programs, any homeowner in Corpus Christi, Texas, can conquer the costs of renewable energy. With that said, here’s what makes solar energy worth the initial investment:

What Makes Solar Energy Worthwhile

No one is denying that solar installation costs are hefty. That’s expected when you’re converting your rooftop into an energy-absorbing powerhouse. The benefits of solar energy make installation costs worthwhile to homeowners because they save over the long run. Our customers have seen monthly utility cost reductions of at least 50 percent. Over the lifespan of the system, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars.

Many companies offer financial incentives and leasing options for solar systems. State governments offer incentives, as well. Residents of Corpus Christi have a number of tax credits and other government incentives available to them once they upgrade to solar energy. And should you decide to lease your system, you’ll be able to install panels and begin saving immediately. You can then devote those funds to pay off the system, which means less money out of your pocket.

How to Reduce Solar Costs

So you can save big once you install your solar system. Still stressing about that initial upfront cost or the monthly lease payments? In addition to the government incentives and tax breaks that solar installation brings, you can reduce costs even more.

Homeowners may feel they spent too much on installation costs when they don’t receive the energy they thought they would. The size of your solar system should be determined by your area’s solar resource, which is the amount of sunlight available each day.

For example, Corpus Christi receives a more significant amount of sunlight than Houston, according to the National Renewable Energy Lab. Find out the solar resource in your area, ensure that your system fits that size, and you’ll cut spending and lost energy.

Other Benefits of Solar Energy

Saving on utilities isn’t the only factor that makes solar energy worth the cost. Installing a solar panel system can also improve your home’s value. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that with solar panels, the average home’s sale price increased $17,000. Solar panels also make your home more attractive to potential buyers. The green energy investment is a perk that may persuade them to pay for the higher property value.

Solar systems are also far more reliable than utility companies. Where those companies offer fluctuating costs, solar provides fixed energy costs that you can rely on for more than 20 years, plus, a system that will also last more than 30 years. That not only saves you money on a monthly basis, but it’s also a long-term, secure investment. And even after 25 years, the industry still guarantees 80 percent performance for a system that’s more than two decades old.

We also can’t neglect the environmental benefits of solar energy. A solar system vastly reduces the carbon footprint of your home, removing up to 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide through its lifespan. Since the United States releases one of the highest amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, anything you can do to reduce your contribution to that pollution helps.

The right time to install a solar system certainly depends on your situation, but with a little research, some financial planning, and some evaluation of habits, you can enjoy the greater savings and peace of mind of solar energy. If you have more questions about solar installation, or if you want to see the benefits of solar for yourself, call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning at 888-481-8511.

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