Are you trying to learn more about taking the best possible care of your HVAC system in Mathis, TX? There are just too many stories that circulate, telling you to do this or not do that, and it can be hard to know which ones are accurate and which to ignore. Read on to learn seven of the most common HVAC myths and the real truth behind each falsehood.

Preventive Maintenance is Unnecessary

Many people want to skip annual preventive maintenance for a variety of different reasons, like the belief that an annual tuneup isn’t that important for your system or the cost of the service is too high to squeeze into the budget. However, your HVAC system is more complex than you think, and it requires an annual checkup to keep it in its best working order. During an annual maintenance check, a certified service technician will look over your unit for any problems and do some cleaning to keep your system unclogged and performing at its best.

Keeping your system clean and repairing issues as soon as possible save you money in the long run by preventing bigger issues from occurring. This maintenance extends the life of your system.

You Only Need to Change the Filter Annually

Changing the filter only once a year is a myth you don’t want to fall for. When your filter is dirty and clogged with debris, these blockages reduce the airflow. You should change your filter at least every three months (more often if you have indoor animals) for optimal performance and the best air quality.

Large HVAC Systems Run Better

It may seem like common sense that a bigger system will work better, but if your HVAC system is too big, it’ll cycle on and off too frequently. This constant cycling actually ends up using more energy, which runs up your electric bill and shortens the life of your system. You want a system that’s the right size to heat and cool your home efficiently.

Save Energy by Closing Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use

Closing vents in unoccupied rooms may sound like a smart thing to do to save energy. In reality, doing this will cause more air pressure in your ductwork. This unexpected pressure can lead to leaks in the ducts and an HVAC system that works harder and uses more energy.

Cover the Outside Condenser in Cold Weather

If you have a heat pump, it runs throughout the year, and you don’t want to cover it. Covering the condenser can cause moisture to build up and corrode some of its parts.

When the AC or Furnace Isn’t Running, It’s Not Using Much Energy

This can be true in extreme temperatures when your equipment has to work harder and longer when it’s on. It isn’t true with all types of systems, though. Some systems that switch between on and off frequently are actually using more energy to make those frequent changes.

Your Thermostat’s Location Doesn’t Matter

The location of the thermostat matters. It needs to be on an interior wall away from windows, direct sunlight and heat-generating appliances. In these particular areas, the temperature can increase even though the entire home’s temperature has not increased. This will tell your system to turn on when it doesn’t really need to.

Now that you have a handful of HVAC facts to replace the myths, you’ll be able to make sure your heating and cooling systems last for a long time. If you hear other myths you’re unsure about, reach out to a certified service technician for the truth instead of following bad advice. To start taking better care of your system, call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. to schedule preventive maintenance.

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